The clock is ticking ...

The fact is that are more tapes in the world than there are machines available to transfer them. When all of the decks of a given format are worn out that content will be lost forever.

Emily Halevy

Emily Halevy

National Accounts Manager

Since 2010, Emily has spearheaded sales and marketing for Crawford’s media management division. Under her watch, Crawford has worked on projects for clients like Coca-Cola, PBS, The Salvation Army, and The Weather Channel. 


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Our team will be on hand at Booth #SU8510 to discuss digitization and the rest of our portfolio of media management solutions. 

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Crawford provides premium content services, including mass digitization, human generated descriptive metadata, and digital archive storage for all owners of media content. Our service based model allows us to provide the customized solutions necessary to meet the specialized challenges now faced by content owners.

METAFORCEOur cloud-based, descriptive metadata solution, METAFORCE specializes in onshore human generated descriptive metadata and clip selection. We recently worked with Viacom to write metadata as part of its MTV Vault Project. 

LIFT Our mass digitization service, recently branded Crawford LIFT, provides mass digitization of legacy film and tape assets. We do the heavy lifting to make unruly media collections ready for market. The team’s recent credits include projects for Coca-Cola, PBS, The United Nations, and World Wrestling Entertainment. 

AMBER We have recently made a major capital investment to upgrade our archive infrastructure to Quantum Lattus erasure code storage technology. Named after the prized substance that preserves prehistoric specimens even today, AMBER provides a level of immunity to system failure and data corruption not previously achievable. 

Since 1981, we have been one of the most highly regarded media services companies in the country. Our reputation is built on a solid foundation of superior customer service combined with creative and technical excellence.